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Baby Bloomers focuses mainly on promoting a suite of services for all things baby related, bridging the gap for parents to find a good & reliable provider. Other events such as proposals, weddings or corporate functions can be requested too!

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By ensuring common services for the little ones are found all in one place, Baby Bloomers hope to make things more accessible and convenient for parents.


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  • Quality Standards

    Have a peace of mind that only the best vendors are selected thorough quality checks before rendering a particular service in question. Baby Bloomers delivers nothing short of excellence when it comes to matters that concerns a child.

  • Genunine Recommendations

    Let Baby Bloomers offer sincere advice for all services listed here on the platform. Consequently, saving time for clients to focus on the things that matter rather than spending long hours researching for the right choice.

  • Competitive Prices

    Don’t need to break the bank when booking different services that come along the child’s growth journey. Baby Bloomers has distributor rates and discounts that can be passed on as savings for the client.

  • 24/7 Dedicated Support

    Baby Bloomers provides timely assistance for any clarifications required for the different services, even when the particular vendor is busy. Help is always available here when there are questions to be answered.

  • Hassle-Free Liaison

    Say goodbye to the stress of finding several vendors for different services. Baby Bloomers aims to be the go to platform for all baby related needs, serving as the main point of contact that manages every booked service.

Different Services Available For Every Baby

Baby Bloomers has a wide range of service and product offerings for all babies and even adults too. If there are any specific questions or requirements, feel free to reach out! Looking forward to bring a smile upon every baby’s face (:


Consider these few factors for an ideal backdrop:

– Choose the type of backdrop preferred (Arch Boards, Curtain Dropdowns etc)

– Decide on which theme best matches the party

– Having extra props such as helium balloons, balloon columns or 3-D cut out standees

In addition, do note that balloon garlands are included for every backdrop/wall setup required.

Colour Theme

Can request for other colour variations or click header above to see more colour theme options

Cartoon Theme

Enquire for specific cartoon not listed here or click header above to see more cartoon theme options

Custom Theme

Discuss desired backdrop and requirements or click header above to see more custom theme options

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