Types Of Gender Reveal Decorations

Gender Reveal Decorations

Gender reveal parties are a great way to share the exciting news of a baby’s gender to friends & loved ones. For some, this might be a way for parents themselves to become aware of their expectant child’s gender. When planning the decorations for a gender reveal, you’ll want to keep the focus on the big reveal moment while creating a festive and visually appealing atmosphere. Here are some ideas to help with your gender reveal decorations:

  1. Have A Dual or Gender Neutral Colour Scheme For The Overall Set Up:
    • Have both genders represented with a dual-colour scheme. For example, blue for boy and pink for girl.
    • Alternatively, you can also simply choose colours that are gender neutral like purple, nude or white.
    • Set up a gender reveal backdrop with a banner or customised signages of phrases like “He or She, What Will It Be?”, “Team Pink” and “Team Blue”, “Boy or Girl” etc.
    • Create balloon bouquets, arches, or garlands using the chosen colour scheme to complement the overall setting.
    • Arrange centrepieces for tables using flowers, or decorations in the chosen colours as well.
    • This ensures that the surprise element is still intact for the big reveal.
  2. Coloured Balloons or Piñata:
    • Fill a large, covered bubble balloon decorated with small mini balloons of the chosen representation colour (blue for boy or pink for girl) to reveal the gender when popped.
    • Giant helium balloons filled with coloured confetti or powder are also a popular choice for revealing the gender.
    • Consider also a gender reveal piñata filled with coloured confetti to symbolise the gender when smashed open.
  3. Themed Cake or Cupcakes:
    • Have a cake or cupcakes specially designed to conceal the gender.
    • When it is cut, the gender will then be revealed according to the dye inside.
    • Additionally, you can have cupcakes with the same coloured filling.
  4. Confetti Cannons or Poppers:
    • Distribute confetti poppers or cannons filled with coloured confetti (of the represented gender) to guests.
    • When the big moment arrives, everyone can simultaneously reveal the gender with an explosion of confetti.
  5. Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs or Cannons:
    • For outdoor celebrations, add a dramatic and visually stunning element to the reveal by using coloured smoke bombs or cannons.
  6. Games and Activities:
    • Have some games and activities to keep guests entertained during the event.
    • For example, have a “Guess the Gender” game where guests write down their predictions.
    • A lucky draw will then be conducted for the pool of guests that have guessed correctly, for them to win some additional prizes.
  7. Additional Gender Reveal Ideas:
    • Provide guests with items like mustaches and lips for fun photo opportunities.
    • You can also ask guests to choose and wear over T-shirts “Team Boy” or “Team Girl”, depending on which they think will be the likely gender.
    • Encourage guests to participate by wearing clothing or accessories in the colour that corresponds to their guess. This can add a fun interactive element to the party.

Remember to keep the actual reveal moment as the highlight of the event. Whether it’s cutting the cake, opening a box, or popping a balloon, make sure it’s a memorable and joyous moment for everyone involved.